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Giving is Loving

When giving your spouse a birthday gift or a friend a baby gift the most rewarding part is when you hand the gift over and see their expression on their face. We love to give because we love to get back. We may not be getting back a physical object but we are definitely getting back. It is something intangible, it is there and lasts forever.

Do you love giving? Well giving is loving. That is why we love what we do. Although when giving promotional products you are giving with an ulterior motive but hey, don’t we all give with ulterior motives? And yes, there is a science to giving promotional items. When you hand someone a gift you are ingratiating them to you. It also makes a connection between the two of you.

The more upfront you are with your customers when giving them a promotional gift the more likely you are to succeed. Nobody likes game playing or being kissed up to… You have to do it properly and honestly. This goes for everything – take for example: a husband and wife get into a quarrel, the husband would like it to come to an end peacefully. If he does not feel contrite and hands his wife a bunch of red roses pretending to feel sorry improperly, the consequences may be painful. On the other hand, if he hands his wife the gift and gives an honest apology, he will be rewarded with a happy, loving spouse!

Give your customers an imprinted gift when you really appreciate them. If a member of your staff did well, reward them with a company gift. Make it an honest working relationship that all your customers, employees and contacts will appreciate working with.

Life is politics – play your cards right, give, live, love and be loved!

Summer promotional items coming up!


5 Promotional Products to Start 2011

Top Picks for 2011

2011 Calendar …..What better way to begin the New Year, than with a 2011 calendar. Everyone needs and uses a calendar. You can find calendars in purses, glove compartments and school bags. Every store and office has got a calendar hanging right up front. Every kitchen, bedroom and even laundry rooms sport the new calendar. You can never go wrong with the all new 2011 Promotional calendar.

New Years Accessories ……Everyone is running around with some type of New Years accessory. From hats to glasses, from necklaces to bracelets, from belts to crowns…everything is sporting a big “2011” on it. The excitement is tangible while everyone is waiting for the big day. No one comes without their costumes that screams the New Year all over it. What a great time of year to make these accessories your promotional product.

For the East Coast- Snow Scraper ………For those living in the east coast there is no need to elaborate. 2011 is starting off with a heavy blizzard. Anyone shoveling their snow or cleaning their car will make great use out of these snow scrapers. Once they are done cleaning their car, the snow scraper gets tossed into the back seat and eventually shifts to the front where it can always be found at somebody’s feet. A sure to be noticed product! More >

USB Gifts To Promote your Business

Promotional USB Card

Why Give Promotional USB Gifts To Get The Word Out On A Business

Promotional gifts are marketing tools for promoting a business. It is one way to get a business noticed by many people. Business then grows in quick fashion. A promotional USB drive is just right for achieving this end. In fact, it can even be considered the perfect promo USB present.

Using USB Drives As Business Promotional Gifts

USB drives basically act as storage devices. They can be used to carry or transfer info from here to there without need of Internet connections. Gifting people with USB drives as a promotional thing has lots of upsides. The world is heavily into technology so any present relating to this area is bound to be appreciated.

With USB drives, it does not take long to move information from one place to the next. Thanks to various technological advancements, memory has become fairly inexpensive so practically everybody can afford it. Users have full access to info kept in the drive, which means zero issues related to security. This is why USB drives make excellent promo giveaways, whether presented to company clients, customers or staff. More >

The Power of Rain and Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional UmbrellaThe Power of Rain and Promotional Umbrellas

When was the last time you had someone prepare your meals for you? Did you ever realize that every time it rains, G-d is preparing your fruit, vegetables and bread for you? An apple seed that is beginning to grow & needs nourishment from the rain, or luscious summer blueberries. We would not have wheat for flour to bake our bread with, without the rain.

Every summer I like to take my kids blueberry picking and stock up on blueberries for the winter. This summer when I called up the local blueberry farm to see if there were blueberries to pick, I was informed that if you would like to stock up for the winter then you should not bother coming. Yes this summer was a very dry summer. We need the rain and we should be thankful for the rain. Yes our food is being prepared for us!
We try to look at everything in a positive light. More >

Promotional Golf Balls

Promotinal-Golf-BallsGolf Balls Which promotional golf balls will work best for you?

Knowing what kind of golfer you are will help you determine what golf ball will work best for you. Each ball has a different feel and weight. Hard exterior balls are for professionals. You have to be a professional to know where to hit it. If you have a softer ball you need less accuracy.

The golf ball that Tiger Woods uses most likely is not the best ball for you. You need a golf ball to suit your playing and comfort level.

Before buying golf balls, think about how often you will be using your golf balls. If you are only going to be golfing twice a year, you will not want to spend a lot of money on your purchase. More >

Are Promotional Bags an Effective Mode for Advertising?

Promotional Bags

Promotional Bags

Why Promotional Bags Work

Nearly two centuries have seen all manner of Promotional Products being used to generate interest in various items. The promo bag is one that has proved really effective. A burlap sack with “Buy Cantwell Shoes” on it was the first bag ever imprinted. Since then, production of promotional bags has flourished, featuring unlimited choices.

The Deal With Promotional Bags

Across the globe, companies have looked to promotional bags to create buzz for their product. Indeed, they are the most popular of the promo items around. Such promotional pieces are a huge hit for three reasons.

•    Cost effectiveness – When picking promotional products, people consider two things: their event appropriateness and productivity potential in terms of drawing attention to the company name. However, all these have to coincide with the allotted budget. This is why plenty of bags for promotional use are available at less than one dollar.

Trade shows worldwide rely on plastic and paper bags for affordable cheap giveaways.     Different booths or stations at conventions and conferences give out freebies. This is     where the bags come in handy for storing the goodies, and promoting the firm’s name     in the process.

•    Public display – Some promotional materials work constantly at getting the word out about a company, and promo bags are one of them. Promotional stickers are great too, but there is a good chance they will be removed and tossed out later. With imprinted bags and several promo apparel, the company logo is sported wherever recipients go, ensuring maximum firm exposure.

The first promo bags were handed out for free to kids who purchased a pair of Cantwell     Shoes. Children kept their books in the bags and wore them to school. Word spread     faster about Cantwell Shoes and soon the whole town knew about the company. These     days, retail shops still apply this market advertising trick to promote the company and     attract customers, especially bags that are custom-imprinted.

•    VarietyPromotional Bags are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Custom-print computer bags and promo backpacks are perfect appreciation and recognition presents for employees in schools and offices.

For high-end, pricey promotional bags, there are the custom-imprinted travel bags and     clothing carriers. As corporate gifts, they create great lasting impressions. Revered     business partners along with esteemed clients are sure to feel honored at receiving     classy customized imprinted golf bags as thank-you tokens as well.

If practicality is a concern, classic promo tote bags are the way to go. They are suitable for all occasions. Different styles and versions are available. The trend right now is toward eco-friendliness, and promotional bags are not far behind. Such bags have become mainstays in most shopping malls and supermarkets. The bags are durable and reasonably priced.

Today, custom imprinted bags continue to be the smart, practical choice when it comes to Promotional Gifts. They are useful and fairly inexpensive. When stumped for promotional item ideas, think green and consider going with promotional bags.

5 Unique Uses for Carabiners

Promotional Carabiner Gift

Personalized Carabiner

A carabiner is a heavy oval metal ring with a spring or screwed gate. The ring part opposite the opening is referred to as the spine. It can be opened quickly and easily. The word originates from the German word “Karabinerhaken”, meaning “hook for a carbine”.

Carabiners started out being used for sports revolving around rope climbing and mountain climbing. The versatility of the carabiner made it popular for many different uses from key chains to toys.

The original carabiners were made from aluminum with a single metal shaft. The closures were made spring loaded making it easy for the mountain climbers to use with one hand.

Today carabiners come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find mini carabiners, Imprinted carabiners on pens, funky Promotional carabiners and much more. Carabiners are fun and useful at the same time.

More >

Printed Lanyards

Printed Lanyard

Promotional lanyards are used in just about every working environment. From trade shows, sports events to hospitals and nursing homes.

Logoed lanyards are a great way for branding your company, they get worn around the neck for all to see.

Imprinted lanyards come with many different attachments to suit every purpose. Most lanyards can be customized to meet a specific need. The benefit of an imprinted lanyard is that they get used by all, whether to hang your keys, attach a custom badge to it or to hold other important items.

Screen printed lanyards, woven lanyards, shoelace lanyards in all different widths we have it. If you are looking to do a custom imprinted lanyard we can help. Give us a call at Promoslogos Imprinted Promotional Gifts – 888-509-5123 and one of our friendly representatives will be glad to assist you with your next project.

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