Are Custom Tattoos a Good Way to Advertise?

Our goal when advertising is getting our name out to as many relevant customers for the lowest price feasible. When ordering promotional products with a low priced budget you may think getting the least expensive custom item is the way to go. Promotional tattoos are definitely an item that would fit into that category.

Honestly , from an advertising perspective spending less is not necessarily a good decision. Yes, if you are making a party or have a booth at a fair, it is a fun product that will attract much attention. It is also a cheap promotional product that gets one use and is gone with the wind, but if you just want to make a buzz it is the way to go.

Most of the time a custom tattoo giveaway is used for events geared towards children to make the mundane seem exciting. If you are giving children a lecture on recycling and keeping the earth green. Handing them a tattoo having to do with the theme will give them a whole new perspective on it.

So yes, we at PromosLogos like taking the mundane and making it exciting. We are offering free tattoos to preempt Valentines Day. Listen to our Valentines audio and comment on our blog about it, e-mail us your address to and we will mail out some free smooch tattoos to you. Share a smooch with your loved one, they may just give you a free smooch back (a real one). I tried it, it works! Let us know if it worked for you!

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