Imprinted Merchandise

Why is Imprinted Merchandise So Important for a Business?

Printed Promotional Items started being distributed in the 1980’s. Since then promotional items have come a long way. Custom imprinted items are used for companies giving out logoed promotional holiday gifts, health care facilities giving out to patients in hospitals to make them aware of their facility and at trade shows to get a customers attention. All companies that are giving out imprinted material are doing it with one thought in mind – to garner more business. Whether they are giving it to keep their customer happy so they will come back or to get them as a first time customer, it all boils down to making sales.

What does it take to make sales? For example we’ll use the Hanes® Brand. When you see a big billboard with an ad from them, they are not targeting me and you since we already know Hanes®. They are targeting kids; they want them to see it day in and day out that way when they are adults they already know the Hanes® brand like you and I do today…which will bring them to make a purchase. They start brand recognition from when they are young. Plant a seed in your customers minds before they actually need the product you are offering that way when they do need it they will know you and call you…

A more specific example: If you are a nursing home facility, you want to concentrate on customers before they are looking for a home. You want your facility to come to mind as soon as you are needed. Hand out a promotional item that will stay in a person’s home, such as an imprinted fly swatter or promotional kitchen items – to middle aged people in your area. They can be given out at county fairs, bingos and many other venues. Every time they use that item they will see your company logo and it will be in their minds long before they even begin considering nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Promotional merchandise became a much more popular tool for advertising in the last five years. Companies are promoting their names by giving out Imprinted Items and Gifts. You need to ensure that you are the first brand that your potential customer recognizes. You want to stay on top of the competition that is why promotional material are especially important in today’s competitive market.

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