Are you looking for a great business slogan to put on a promotional product incorporating the theme? We compiled a list of great promotional slogans for many promotional items and businesses. Not looking for an imprinted item, read through it any way you may get a good laugh from some of them!

“Your pane is our pleasure!”  For window washers to put on a custom imprinted sponge.
“We meet by accident!” For an insurance adjuster to put on a custom keychain suited for their line of claims.
“We curl up and dye for you!” For hair salons to put on promotional folding brushes.
“Your home is our home!” For nursing home facilities to put on a house shaped logoed jar opener.
“We’ve got you covered!” For insurance companies to put on a promotional umbrella.
“7 days without pizza makes one weak!” For pizza shops to put on an imprinted pizza cutter.
“We’re number one in the number two business!” For septic companies to put on a
“Let us remove your shorts!” For electricians to put on a promotional night light.
“Make no bones about it!” For orthopedists to put on bone shaped custom magnet.
“Stressed out give a squeeze!” For any promotion printed on a promotional stress reliever. Imprinted stress balls come in many shapes so it leaves you many options.
“Ignore them & they will go away!” For a dentist to put on a promotional toothbrush.
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world!” For an eco friendly campaign to go on a recycled tote bag.
”Tastes as good as it smells!” For coffee shops to put on a coffee scented pens.
“Commonwealth. We make it happen!” For financial institutions to put on a money filled key tag.
”Are you a magnet? Because I’m attracted to you!” For dating services to put on a magnet fridge clip.
“I hate four letter words – cook, dust, rake!” For housekeeping services to put on promotional massagers.

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