Magentic Measuring Spoons There is never a shortage of kitchen gadgets. What works for one person will be the worst kitchen product for the next. There is though, a standard list of most popular kitchen products that work great for everyone. We’ve compiled a list for you veering slightly away from the typical products but keeping to useful & helpful popular items. From Rachael Ray products to Martha Stewart and more.

Our #1 product that we chose for this featured list is the Rachael Ray Bench Scrape – The bench scrape is an item that makes scooping and transferring foods a breeze. It comes in handy when making a salad and you have a whole bunch of chopped veggies that need to be transferred the makes in happen without half of the vegetables landing on the floor.

Our #2 product, is our very own peanut butter and jelly spreader chosen from our promotional kitchen items category. Although this item is made to smear peanut butter and jelly sandwiches it can be used for virtually anything smearable, which is what makes it such a versatile product. From mustard on cold cut sandwiches to mayonnaise on your vegetable sandwich, the peanut butter and jelly spreader does it all.

Our #3 product comes from Macy’s; the Presto SaladShooter Slicer/Shredder – this is a small cute gadget/machine that shreds or slices vegetables, cheese and much more in an instant. It is easy to store or compact enough to keep on the counter if you will use it daily.

Our #4 product is also from Macy’s, the Martha Stewart Collection Measuring Spoons – Magnetic are great for perfect measuring, but best of all they are magnetic and stick to each other when nesting together. The magnetic feature makes this perfect for keeping your utensils drawer less cluttered.

Our #5 and final product is the Bottle Mate sold on Amazon. This flat bottle opener fits neatly into any storage space. It is great to grab and put in your wallet when going on a picnic.

Kitchen gadgets can also be used as promotional products for giveaways at trade shows or as incentives for customers to come into your kitchen store. Promotional kitchen utensils range from imprinted bottle openers, promotional jar openers, custom imprinted spatulas, pot holders and much more. If you are looking for a cool and unique kitchen item we can help. From big to small we do it all!



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